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Sailing with Lindor

A beautiful, warm weather invited us to sail, we said yes and went for it! Laura near the Lindor yacht a beautiful family of "sailors" ready for adventure Laura's cute pink shoes if you come aboard a yacht wou must be well prepaired with sun protection creams,  hat and light colored clothes we were fortunate to meet dolphins in our trip,  at the begining one was jumping and swiming near Lindor  and then another one accompanied it :-)  we could follow them with naked eye but with binoculars also captain Tudor had help from Sophia, a 5 year old little captain the sea was a little rough  girls happy to be again on solid ground the happy crew + me, Maria, the photographer if you are interested in sailing with us, call captain Tudor Alexandru:  +40.727.542.423 or write at  mariatravelandadventure at gmail dot com we can't wait to meet you! Related: + more info about Lindor Yacht