Recovering from burn out on sea


We all need to take a break from the hectic pace of work, take a detox, restore our optimal energy levels and revitalize our health. The modern environment is very fast and stressful: projects, deadlines, business meetings... all solicit us and that is why we need to slow down from time to time and even take a break and let our body, mind and spirit disconnect and recharge naturally with energy and optimism. A break is important to maintain an optimal level of health and well-being.

If you consistently experience high levels of stress without taking steps to manage or reduce it, exhaustion eventually takes over — leaving you emotionally and physically burned out.

Key signs of burnout include:

- forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating;

- you feel exhausted much of the time.

- diminished pride in your work; 

- you feel no joy or interest in your work, or even feel depressed by it.

- you feel that every day at work is a bad day,

- you feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities. 

- losing sight of yourself and your goals;

- engage in escapist behaviors, such as excessive drinking.

- feel hopeless about your life or work.

- difficulty maintaining relationships and being present with loved ones;

- have less patience with others than you used to.

- frustration and irritability with co-workers;

- unexplained muscle tension, pain, fatigue, chest pain, shortness of breath and insomnia. 

So, do you think is time for a break to reconnect?

What we offer:

+ You will be alone with the skipper on Lindor sailing yacht, or you can bring a friend, maximum 3 people on board. (2 passangers and the skipper) 

+ 7/ 14 nights accommodation (Monday-Sunday) on board the yacht

+ Lindor Yacht is a Albin Ballad 30', a 9 meters sailing yacht

+ daily sea voyages aboard the Lindor sailboat, enjoying the silence, listening to the sound of the waves, the wind and the seagulls or maybe talking with the captain, listening to his stories of the sea

+ swimming in the sea

+ meditation sessions

+ breathing and concentration sessions

+ in one of the nights admiring the sunset on the sea, sleeping on the sea, enjoying the sky full of stars and the peace of the sea, the next morning admiring the sunrise, meditation

+ no telephone while on the yacht


+ sleeping in a sleeping bag under the open sky on the deck of the yacht

+ fishing

+ if you are lucky you will be able to admire the play of the dolphins next to the yacht

1000 euro person / 7 days

Proposed time
1 August- 30 September

Reservations and information at telephone number +40755072882 and email

the moon seen from the yacht

night on the sea

sunrise on the sea

Lindor Yacht

sunset on the sea

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