joi, 30 iulie 2015

Sailing with Lindor - team Mare Nostrum

Today we went sailing looking for dolphins with team Mare Nostrum
Angi and Mihaela
Andra and Patricia
look out for the hot babes tanning on board! :-P

Captain Tudor Alexandru telling storries to "the crew"
Dan and Marian
an ambarcation passing by
we had a short bath, the water was quite warm and pleasant
(the next 2 photos are made by Andra)

and we returned because the Mare Nostrum team 
had some important meetings to attend that afternoon
unfortunately we didn't spot any dolphins :-( better luck next time!

miercuri, 29 iulie 2015

Heineken #OpenYourCity

We received an invitation to be touris for some hours in our hometown Constanta, the campaign is called #OpenYourCity and it's organized by Heineken. Because we love our city and we love to travel and find out new things we said yes, I was the photographer and my father was the appointed beer taster.

our guide was George Buhnici presenter at ProTV at the "I like IT" show
he also has a blog:
 tatal meu, master mariner and yachting teacher at Măria Ta Travel & Adventure SRL
together with a mime
The meeting place was at Constanta LighHouse 
and the first surprise was that we could go all the way up in the lighthouse. 
up in the lighthouse a mime was waiting for us with the message #OpenYourCity
a graffitti painted wall in the port
Constanta view from the top
Diana Slav blogger at
afar the Casino could be seen
one of the organizers, Andreea, together with a mime :-)

the next stop was "Cuibul Reginei/ The Quin's nest" from Constanta port.
Andreea and Anca from România Liberă newspaper
Mosa, JoieNegru's girlfriend
dad enjoying a cold Heineken beer

cin- cin

dad and George Buhnici
Marian, the photographer
Mosa and Joie Negru
a bottle of Heineken beer, and afar in the background the Casino

then we walked about the old part of the City, the Genovese Lighthouse, 
the Armenian Church, and then the Wind Street, the smallest street in Constanta
the mime was blown by the wind :-)

Zetu with a kitten found on that street
Andreea adding the hastag #openyourcity on a drawing of the street and us
the drawing was made by Alex Filoteanu
the last stop was at the "Ovidiu Plaza" where we could
add our recommandations of nice places in Constanta to visit
we received 3 bottles of Heineken beeer each and a usb stick with informations about the campaign.

luni, 27 iulie 2015

Concurs - o iesire pe mare cu velierul Lindor

                 un concurs de vară! 
     câştigă o plimbare pe mare cu velierul Lindor!
Vor fi 7 castigatori care vor beneficia impreuna de o plimbare pe mare pe data de 8 august(daca vremea o va permite, daca vremea e nefavorabila plimbarea va avea loc in alta zi). Concursul tine pana la data de 5 august ora 23:59 cu anuntarea castigatorilor aleşi prin pe 6 august. Plecarea va fi din Mangalia, sosirea tot in Mangalia. Plimbarea dureaza cateva ore. Nu se asigura transport pana la Mangalia. Pe iaht voi fi si eu impreuna cu dl. Comandant Tudor Alexandru. Castigatorii vor fi contactati pe 6 august si trebuie sa raspunda la e-mail in termen de 24 de ore, daca nu raspund vor fi alesi alti castigatori.

Ce trebuie sa faceti ca sa va inscrieti?
- dati like si share pozei de concurs
- dati like si share paginii
- dati like si share paginii
- lasati un comentariu pe blog, la articolul de pe UrbnStyle 
  cu numele, varsta, localitatea de resedinta si adresa de e-mail
  daca nu aveti cont de faceebook scrieti si "fara facebook"

Vor fi alesi 
+ 6 castigatori dintre cei care au conturi de facebook si au dat like si share 
+ si 1 castigator care s-a inscris doar printr-un comentariu pe blog.(care nu are cont de facebook)

Va rog sa va inscrieti doar o data, cu o singura adresa de e-mail.

Pentru detalii despre iahtul Lindor si iesirile cu el vedeti pe blogul

Mult succes tuturor!