Sailing with Adornate

Last saturday I participated at a sailing day for bloggers with sailing ship Adornate. The organizers were "Different Constanta" - Civic Association "For Constanta" and the campaign is called "Love the sea".

 at dana 0 there was a huge cruing ship MSC Opera... a floating city
Contraamiralul de flotila Vergil Chiţac, rectorul Academiei Navala "Mircea cel Batrân"
Maria Agurita, blogger at

Diana Slav, blogger at
she organizes Constanta Free Tour a unique free tour of the old area of Constanta

outfit appropriate for an exit with the ship: light colored clothes, hat, shorts, comfortable shoes
the telecomunication area

the awards that the Adornate ship won
cabin with 2 beds

Ionela jurnalist and blogger at, 38 years
he is blogger at

Stefana, 20 years

those who wanted a little adventure went up for a magnificent view
we ate somon/ham sandwiches, icecream, we drank water/beer/wine/ coffee
Diana wearing a personalized t-shirt
"Wonder Woman - I can do things that will make you wonder"
Joie blogger at and me
even girls were courageous and wanted to go up for a breathtaking view from above
other bloggers
Emilian Alexandru, Florin Sîrbu from, si Alexandru Busuioc from

the crew was of 5 people
the bloggers participating at seting the sails

team work in action!

all the sails were up!
a motor boat with toursts passing by
there are many ways you can have fun on the sea

I invite you to travel with Lindor sailing yacht!
an exit of about 3 hours is 150lei/ about 34 euros
there must be 7-8 tourists + capitan

but let's go back to Adornate

the people were making themselves feel like home

MSC Opera exiting the port

we even saw dolphins!

 ships we saw while entering the port

A very nice trip!

If you want to take a trip on Adornate or Lindor contact us at
mariatravelandadventure at gmail dot com or by phone at +40.727.542.423.

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