Sailing with Lindor - special dinner

Another Sunday, another day with Lindor! 
Captain Tudor Alexandru welcoming his guests on Lindor.
This time Marian and Angi (in the right of captain Tudor)
 from Mare Nostrum came with us, 
they are getting married this week! Congratulations to them!
And as for them, we saw some dolphins! yeey!
We arrived near Cap Aurora and we stopped to enjoy the view and... take a little dip, captain in the water!
Marian in the water also
Angi was playing it cool in the yacht
Ionut was prepairing his scuba diving outfit
Ionut's wife was trying the water... before:
after: "cooold, no way I'm getting in!"

a little photoshot with me, Maria

Ionut went scuba diving in search of "rapane"
first time: he only found some sea horses(so cuuute!) and shells, he set them free
 we set sail further away to a better spot and then we stopped
the captains fishing...
we girls were chatting on our phones, 
the reception was good even on sea cause we weren't that far from land
on land there were heavy clouds and our friends told us that it was raining, 
they were surprised to find our on sea the sun was still up
Marian cought his first fish, a "guvide"
and then his second one, soon they were freed back in the Black Sea's waters
the scubadiving Ionut came back with his prize: a bottle full of "rapanas", his wife was proud! and we also!
this is a "rapana", 
I used to play in my childhood with such shells, they were the bigger and more rare ones 
                                     after a complicated process this meat was the result
Ionut was also the specialist cook
captain Tudor opening a bottle of wine using fire: he heated the bottle's neck and the cork just popped
help in the kitchen
after catching a short rain we arrived at the dock, 
this boy was driving an intriguing electric tricycle
there was also a parade with fanfare
angels in the parade and kids from sport teams
a speed boat
dinner finally ready! yummy! Ionut is a great cook, the "rapana" was delicious!

night aproaching time to head home!
but first some incomplete group photos!
Ionut and his wife, Nicu (Pelicanu) and Captain Tudor

That's all folks!
If you are interested in sailing with us, call captain Tudor Alexandru: +40.727.542.423
or write at mariatravelandadventure at gmail dot com!

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