Sailing with Lindor - bloggers day 1

We decided to promote Măria Ta amongst bloggers 
so we sent an announcement to several blogger groups inviting them to sail with Lindor. 
The first to come aboard Lindor was Cristi from and his girlfriend Aura.

If you are blogger and you want to sail with us send me a mail 
at mariatravelandadventure at gmail dot com with your info (name, blog, interests) 
also if you are a journalist and you want to write an article about us.

Cristi, besides beeing a bloger at
is also a business owner at a furniture company 

the sea was a bit rough with waves of 2-3 meter high
Nicu setting the sails
Nicu at the steering wheel

                      so after sailing for 2 hours out on the open sea we returned on the Mangalia lake
                                                  and we admired the ships
Aura at the steering wheel

 the crew: Gica, Nicu, Aura, Cristi, the Captain and me :-)

If you are interested in sailing with us, call captain Tudor Alexandru: +40.727.542.423
or write at mariatravelandadventure at gmail dot com!
For more info about Lindor Sailing Yacht read the following article


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