Discover Romania

Why should you visit Romania?

1. Wild Carpathia 2. Danube Delta 3. The painted Moldavian Monasteries
4. Beautiful Women 5. Fun and funny people

Because it has a bit of everything, for those who want to relax at the seaside we have one of the biggest and most beautiful beaches, for those urban explorers we have beautiful cities full of history and special architectural details, for the hiking lovers, the Carpathian mountains are well known for the beautiful trails and breath-taking views, for those who want to have fun we have festivals, parties and funny and sociable people.

Why did I visit Romania? Because I like discovering new places, discovering and rediscovering them to see what stayed the same or if anything changed. I admit that I have on my wish list many places in Romania that I didn’t visit yet, but the places I did visit made me give them instant and repeatedly like + fave + love. At what experiences I gave repeat/ replay?

+ going at the mountains, I have been many times in the Bucegi Mountains, I enjoyed a cake in Sinaia, I climbed on a trail at Cota 2000 and I went skying at Moeciu.

Bran Castle at sunset

+ taking a bath in the Black Sea in the summer months when the water temperature is warm as soup.
+ going on a yacht cruise in the Mangalia- Olimp area (visit
+ taking long walks wandering without purpose or in search of sights and just admiring all what my eyes could see in Constanta, Bucuresti, SibiuTimisoaraIasi


 + discovering beautiful and stylish people on the street, at the mall or at events. (Visit
You must be patient when you start discovering Romania, patient and with a keen spirit of observation, it does't all look like in the promotional materials but with an open mind and heart you will find the diamond in the rough, beautiful places and interesting people.

We are waiting for you to come discover Romania!
We describe in the following paragraphs a proposal trip of discovery. For a personalized offer or more details do send a request by email at or phone at +40755072882

Day 1
Flight/ Transfer to Romania
vBus transfer Aeroport - Hotel (50 min, 23 km)
ã Arrival at Hotel Cismigiu «««« (or similar)
Conveniently located in the center of Bucharest, the newly rebuilt Cismigiu Hotel 4****, one century old and one million stories rich, has come to life again.

Day 2
ä 8:00 Breakfast at the Hotel, 6th floor, “Bistro la Etaj” 

9:30 walking from the Hotel to Hanul lui Manuc (15 minutes/ 1 km)
10:30 walking on “Old Town Legends and Stories Tour” in English
Hanul lui Manuc à Royal Court à Sf Dumitru Church à Stavropoleos Church
à Caru cu Bere Restaurant à History Museum à Vilacrosse Passageà Romanian National Bank à University Square à Sutu Palace à Lupa Capitolina à Hanul Gabroveni à Amzei Square àHanul Lui Manuc/ Manuc Inn

ä 13:00 lunch at Carul cu Bere 
At the foundation of Caru’ cu bere’s identity lays a history of more than 130 years. 

14:30 | 15:00  Visit at the History Museum which is a museum located on Calea Victoriei in Bucharest, Romania, and contains Romanian historical artifacts from prehistoric times up to modern times.

16:30 free time, walking in the Old Part of the City
          Tip: visit the Carturesti Library

ä 20:00 Evening meal and Welcome Party at Hanul lui Manuc 

Day 3 
ä 8:00 Breakfast at the Hotel, 6th floor, “Bistro la Etaj”a
9:30 leaving the Hotel
vprivate bus ride to next stop
  10:30 visit at Ceausescu House a
The “Ceauşescu Mansion” was for a quarter of a century (1965-1989) the private residence of former head of state Nicolae Ceauşescu, his wife Elena and of their children, Nicu, Zoia, and Valentin. See how Ceauşescu lived, not only as an internationally known head of state, but as a man in his own private life – the hobbies that he had, what his routine around the privacy of his home was, how he studied or what art collections he had in his house. 

v private bus ride to next stop

ä 13:00 Lunch at Nor Restaurant a restaurant with a great view over the city.
v private bus ride to the next stop

14:30 visit at the Art Museum a
The National Museum of Art of Romania is the country’s prime holder of Romanian, European and Oriental art. Located in the former Royal Palace in Bucharest, it includes the National Gallery (Romanian medieval and modern art) and the European Art Gallery.

16:30 leisure walk through Cismigiu Park (1 h 30 min)
The Cișmigiu Gardens or Cișmigiu Park (Romanian: Grădinile Cișmigiu or Parcul Cișmigiu) are a public park near the center of Bucharest, Romania, spanning areas on all sides of an artificial lake. The gardens' creation was an important moment in the history of Bucharest. They form the oldest and, at 16 hectares, the largest park in city's central area. The main entrance is from Regina Elisabeta Boulevard, in front of the City Hall; there is another major entrance at the Știrbei Vodă Street, near the Crețulescu Palace. The southwestern corner of the park is adjacent to the Gheorghe Lazăr High School.

    15 minute walking to:
ä 18:00 dinner at La mama Restaurant
sarmalute cu mamaliguta
clatite cu banane si ciocolata

Day 4
ä 8:00 Breakfast at the Hotel, 6th floor, “Bistro la Etaj”
9:30 leaving the Hotel

10:30 Architectural Hunt
You have to search for urban, visual and architectural elements: doors, portals and gates, cupolas and domes, dragons, lions, monkeys and other urban animals, mascarons. The winning team gets a special prize.

ä 13:00 Lunch at La mama Restaurant
tochitura cu mamaliguta
salam de biscuiti

v private bus ride to the next stop
14:30 visit at Village Museum 

16:30 leisure walk through Herastrau Park

ä 18:00 dinner at Hard Rock Café.

v private bus ride to the hotel

Day 5
ä8:00 Breakfast at the Hotel, 6th floor, “Bistro la Etaj”
10:00 Monarhy vs Comunism Walking Tour
Romanian Atheneum à King Carol Statue à Revolution Square à
Calea Victorieià Novotel Hotel à Capsa House à Military Circle à  Cismigiu Park à
Izvor Park à Constitution Square in front of Palace of Parliament (Casa Poporului)

ä12:00 lunch at Caru cu Bere

13:30 walking visit of Palace of Parliament

ä18:00 dinner at La mama

rata pe varza
papanasi cu dulceata si smantana

19:00 free time

Day 6
8:00 Breakfast at the Hotel, 6th floor, “Bistro la Etaj”
9:30 v private bus ride to Brasov
12:40 arriving in Brasov 

ä13:00 lunch at Casa Hirscher

14:00 walking tour of Brasov

17:00 v private bus ride to Sinaia
ä 19:00 dinner and accomodation at New Montana «««« Hotel 

Day 7,  Sinaia
ä 8:00 Breakfast at the Hotel
09:30 visit at Peles si vizita la Pelisor Castles 

ä 13:00 Lunch at the Hotel Restaurant

14:30-17:30 free time walking in Sinania or Day at the Pool

ä 19:00 dinner at the Hotel Restaurant 

Day 8
ä8:00 Breakfast at the Hotel

9:30 v private bus ride to Bran
10:30 visit at the Bran Castle 

ä12:30 lunch at Taverna Lupilor

v private bus ride to Brasov

14:00 2h free time Brasov Center

ä17:00 Dinner and Goodbye Party at  Sinaia- New Montana Hotel

Day 9
Transfer back home

For a personalized offer or more details do send a request by email at or phone at +40755072882. 

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