seeing Constanta as a tourist

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Things are looking up for the old peninsula of Constanta, the Ovidiu Piatza was renovated and looks quite nicely, new lampposts and benches were brought in the middle of the piatza. I don't know if they intend for making it a pedestrian area only, at this time cars aren't allowed there.

Having a nice stroll along Tomis Boulevard. At the museum of traditional art I've stopped and had a visit.
Very nice traditional clothing, it's amazing the extent of work and the detailed embroidery our ancestors were putting on their clothes, also I've seen there beautiful tapestry, beautiful colors on the pottery, traditional Easter painted eggs, interesting metal accessories, simple "interior decoration", wooden and metal home tools, icons painted on glass and wood. All brought form all around the country, but there were presented and specific from the Dobrogea area.The ticket is only 5 lei, about 1euro, the tax for taking photos is 20lei about 4 euros. Program till 5pm.

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