Wild Carpathia 1

A beautiful series of movies about Romania.

The traveler starts with a trip in the Carpathian Mountains, the Apuseni mountains more precisely, where after a 2 day walk of 50 km discovers a field full of white flowers, daffodils/ Narcise. In the evening he attends a camp out party with music, joyfull locals, and stories around the fire.

Then he attens a traditional social gathering where people work, dance, sing, eat and drink.

Afterwards he discoveres Sarmisegetuza, the remaints of an ancient city hidden deep down in the mountains.

He vists the town of Viscri where a sashi community tries to preserve the local traditions and places.

The people tending the sheep are his next stop.

Then he tries mountainbiking trough the forests and fields near Viscri.

He has the chance of seeing a mama bear with her two cubs.

Meets a Count in the process of restoring some old houses preparing them to be guest houses for tourists curious to discover the beauty of the area.

Meeting his highness, the Prince of Wales, a great defender of the beauties of the Carpathians.

Would you like to travel on the footsteps of the presenter of Wild Carpathia 1? Tell us about it by e-mail at mariatravelandadventure at gmail dot com and we will see how we can arrange it. to be continued...

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