The National History and Archaeology Museum Constanta

I've visited the National History and Archaeology Museum Constanta, the building of the museum is impressive and has a lot of history. What I liked about the exposition was practicaly "the stars"
The Glykon snake

The thinker and his pair

then I liked Adrian Radulescu aula, whichh it trully impressive with it's very high painted ceilings and walls

the painted tomb was interesting too

then the money collection from Romania, France, Germany and other countries was nice for it's graphic design brilliance
Constantin Daniel Rosenthal - Revolutionary Romania, a yellowish version

The visit lasted for about 2 hours.
The ticket was 11 lei, about 3 euros.
The museum has a lot to visit: pottery, amphoras, glassworks, vases, coin collections, jewelry collection, and even some clothes and some furniture on display, a newspaper cut outs section, etc. Interesting, maybe next time I'll have a little more time to spend on the newspaper cut outs section, it looked interesting but filled with a lot of information.

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