Folk Art Museum Constanta

[29 March 2014]

Having a nice stroll along Tomis Boulevard, at the museum of traditional art (Blvd. Tomis 32, Constanta, Romania, (4041) 616.133)  I've stopped and had a visit. Every time I passed through that area I was fascinated by this imposing building, well this time I decided to pass to the next step and enter it... to discover it's beauty from the inside too. Indeed it's an impressing building with high ceilings (in one room I noticed the ceiling had some sorts of decoration and paintings), open spaces inside and a beautiful staircase that leads to the first floor. The people attending the museum were nice, the guardian opened the door for me and was in a mood for talking inquiring from where I'm from, the lady inside was also lovely showed me the shop of the museum and when I left she asked me if I liked the museum, which I did. About half an hour to one hour was the length of my visit. 

Inside, on display very nice traditional clothing, it's amazing the extent of work and the detailed embroidery our ancestors were putting on their clothes, also I've seen there beautiful tapestry, beautiful colors on the pottery, traditional Easter painted eggs, interesting metal accessories, simple "interior decoration", wooden and metal home tools, icons painted on glass and wood. All brought form all around the country, but there were presented and specific from the Dobrogea area.The ticket is only 5 lei, about 1euro, the tax for taking photos is 20lei about 4 euros. Program 9 a.m. till 5 p.m.

In the museum's shop, after the entrance to the left, you can find all sort of things from painted eggs, traditional dressed dolls to ia/ii (Romanian peasant blouse/s). One ia that caught my eye was about 420 lei that's about 100 euro, it's expensive but it's intricately hand sewn with Romanian motifs.
In my collection I have 3 ii. One bought from Bucharest many years ago, 

one from Neptun market (pictured below) 

 and one from a talciok near one of the Moldavian Monasteries, Sucevita or Putna, I don't remember.

In the vicinity (ex Voiculescu Galleries) there is a shaormerie (actually was but a new one has taken it place) that I frequnted a lot, they make an exquisite shaorma(a food composed of a thin sheet of bread like composition, rotissed chicken, fried potatoes, pickled cucumbers, cabbage, mayonnaise and ketchup; the mix of mayonnaise with ketchup over the chicken is what I like most) I recommend that you try it. A small shaorma It's 12 lei, about 3 euros. They also have kebab for sale.

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